April 24

Growth vs Marketing

Oil and water. Chocolate and peanut butter. Which pairing best describes the relationship between product led growth and marketing? The answer depends on your product, your organization, and what type of marketing you’ve done in the past. Here are a few different perspectives on the relationship between product led growth and marketing and what it may mean for your next product launch.

How product-led growth differs from product marketing. If you’re bringing a product to market, you may wonder when you need to use both product marketing and product led growth, or just one of the two strategies. Isaac Desranleau explains that you will always use product marketing when launching a product and in what situations you’ll also want to incorporate a product led growth strategy.

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The difference between a product-led, sales-led & marketing-led approach. “In the last few years, there has been a radical shift in the way people use and buy software. A good user experience that leads the user to experience value without hand-holding is far more important now than it used to be in the past.” Aggelos Mouzakitis explains what product led growth means and explores whether a product led marketing approach is replacing a marketing and sales led approach.

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A product-led growth strategy changes marketing – are you ready? If you want to capitalize on product-led growth, you may need to make big changes to your sales and marketing. Marketing shifts focus to customer acquisition; content takes center stage. Barb Mosher Zinck helps you get ready to adopt a product led growth strategy by taking a closer look at how a product led growth strategy drove one company to change its marketing team’s focus.

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Why product marketing and growth marketing are key partners. “If there is a role in modern businesses that is less understood than Product Marketing, it is Growth. What’s more, both roles become more confusing because they often sit in similar pockets in the org chart.” Tom Heys explores the “overlaps and distinctions between the fields of Growth and Product Marketing, as well as many opportunities for these professionals to work together.

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Product vs brand marketing in 2020: which works best? “In recent decades, marketers have debated between two ideologies: Putting the product front and center OR telling stories that build brand reputations.” Ashley Gwilliam takes a look at product marketing and brand marketing and explains that it’s not about product vs. brand. It’s about applying the right marketing strategies to accomplish the right objectives.

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