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Being a growth product person

Growth product management has seen a – for lack of a better word – growing interest of late. Organizations that adopt a product-led growth approach reason they should have someone focused specifically on growth activity. Here are some perspectives on what that new role looks like and the challenges that can ensue when you try to grow your growth product management capability.

Growth product management.  Growth product management is one variation of product management that startups and tech companies have become more interested in over the last few years. People filling this role focus on increasing critical metrics by reducing barriers to value. Clement Kao discusses what a growth product manager does, and how that differs from a core product manager. Then, Clement breaks down the kinds of skill sets that growth product managers need on the job.

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The rise of the growth product manager. The word “growth” has started sneaking into product titles, take for example Product Manager, Growth; Growth Product Manager; Product Growth Manager; and Product Growth. A growth-focused role is most common in organizations that embrace a product-led growth strategy. In organizations like these, product teams inherit commercial responsibility at a rapid pace. This commercial orientation can be a challenge for traditional product people who are not used to carrying a quota or focusing on short-term business outcomes. The folks at Appcues explain the growth product manager role and explore how people in that role interact with other product people and product teams.

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4 skills growth product managers need to succeed. Introducing a growth mindset to the product management role can be a big shift for product managers used to focus on long-term, customer-focused roadmaps. Eric Keating compiled an overview of the growth product manager role and describes 4 skills that growth product managers need to succeed. If you find yourself in a growth product role, these skills will help you wrap your head around a wider perspective that also encompasses short-term, business-focused objectives.

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Airbnb product manager tells you how to become a good growth PM. According to Pratik Shah “in product, there’s really only one metric that matters. Whether or not people actually use your product.” In order to make sure that the metric is heading in the right direction, you may need to put a heavy focus on growth. Pratik explores growth teams in B2C companies, key frameworks, and principles in growth, acquisition, and retention. He also explains how you can become a good growth product manager and how you can break into the industry.

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Why every product team needs a growth manager.  The folks at Gist suggest that if you are developing a tech product you should have someone on your team whose sole focus is business and product growth. That person is often known as a growth manager and is effectively a full-time growth hacker. Take a look at Gist’s explanation of a growth manager and decide for yourself whether your product team should have one.

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