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Ideas for generating ideas

Ideation may be a fancy way of saying “come up with new ideas” but it is still an important part of moving your organization forward. Because you can’t always predict when good ideas show up, it’s helpful to have a variety of techniques to create ideas when you need them. If you find yourself in that situation, here are some ideas on how to generate ideas.

Techniques for product ideation: generation, selection, and implementation.  “Ideation is the composition of ideas or concepts. So what would you label as an idea then? An idea can be interpreted as a spark of light, revealing a new course of action. Fresh ideas are the heart of innovation and advancement. Without them, you are basically dead, you just don’t know it yet.” Christina Gkofa elaborates on product ideation, covering the main ideation steps, revealing some of the most successful ideation techniques, and providing tips that will enable you to successfully perform ideation within your organization.
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18 Best idea generation techniques. Good ideas come and go fairly frequently. Really great ideas usually spring unexpectedly in moments of inspiration. It’s easier to come up with great ideas when you free yourselves from the conventional thoughts that take up space in your brain. Martin Luenendonk explains the three stages of successful ideation and suggests 18 killer idea generation techniques.
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How to get a good idea: A compendium of creative exercises. As automation takes over more complex activities, using creativity to come up with big ideas becomes increasingly important. Fortunately, creativity is learnable. You just need to consistently use deliberate practice and actively exercise your idea muscle. To help make your practice easier, Brett Friedman asked over 30 experts for their creative processes and compiled the results.
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15 Best techniques to spark idea generation. Ideation, the process of generating and developing new ideas can often be the most difficult step of innovation. Fortunately, good old-fashioned brainstorming sessions are still the best way to get both creativity and ideas flowing. Aneta Palevska explores 15 techniques that you can use to spark idea generation and to make your brainstorming sessions as effective as possible
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Idea generation: Idea Drop’s favorite tried and tested techniques.  Ideas are the fuel that drives your innovation strategy. If you extend that analogy, it’s helpful to think of idea generation as a funnel: “you want it as wide as possible at the top. The more ideas you put in – when combined with a structured idea management process – the more value you’ll get out.” To get the most ideas at the top of the funnel, it’s helpful to have some good idea generation techniques at your disposal. Owen Hunnam describes several techniques used by the world’s greatest minds when they need to come up with ideas themselves.
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