February 6

Pairing Interactive Product Demos with Your Product Led Growth Go To Market

The Rise of PLG

Product led growth is an effective strategy for companies of all sizes. It’s an approach that puts the product at the core of the customer journey, allowing users to try the product and decide for themselves whether it is worth buying. 

In the current market situation, being able to effectively scale your acquisition and trial-to-paid conversion is one of the easiest way to confirm your PLG growth strategy is on the right track.

With the rise of product-led-growth, customers now have easy access to software like never before and with that customer expectations have been higher.

Enter interactive product demos. Growth and marketing teams can now easily create fully interactive replicas of their product to easily engage visitors the moment they land on the website and seamlessly product led growth.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the advantages of interactive product demos and how they can be used as part of a product led growth go-to-market strategy.

Enter The Interactive Product Demo

An interactive product demo is a type of demonstration of a product that allows all website visitors the chance to actively engage with the product, rather than simply watching a video or waiting to get on a sales call to actually see it. 

Interactive product demos allow for a hands-on experience, by actually interacting within the product itself – filling out form fields, clicking on buttons, or using the product in a simulated environment.

The purpose of an interactive demo is to give the user a better understanding of the product’s capabilities, and how it can solve a specific problem that they have.

The Benefits of Interactive Product Demos

Interactive product demos are a great way to engage potential customers, as they allow users to experience the product firsthand. 

Users can now interact with the product and get an idea of how it works and what it can do for them all without having to ever create an account or talk to a sales person. 

This can be a powerful driver of product awareness and adoption. 

Here are a few of the core benefits of leveraging interactive product demos:

1. Educate website visitors

Interactive product demos can be used as an introduction to your product by providing a hands-on experience for the user to explore the product’s features and functionality. This can help:

  • Showcase the benefits of using the product
  • Highlight key features and how they work
  • Demonstrate how the product solves a problem or addresses a need
  • Build trust and credibility with the potential customer
  • Encourage product adoption by allowing users to experience it for themselves

Education is key, and by leveraging interactive demos on-site, now all website visitors have the chance to actually use the core functionality of your product in real-time.

2. Drive more (and better) lead flow

Interactive product demos are a great lead capture tool that can help SaaS businesses generate more quality leads.

On top of that, they allow you to educate your prospects better before they even get into the platform, or before having a sales conversation – driving better qualified leads to your sales team.

A few other ways that they help generate quality leads include:

  • Providing a preview of the product and its capabilities, creating interest and attracting potential customers (giving customers what they actually want – to see and use the product!)
  • Offering a personalized experience that showcases the value the product can bring to their specific use case.
  • Allowing the sales team to better understand the customer’s needs and tailor their pitch accordingly.
  • Encouraging customers to share their contact information in exchange for access to the demo

Overall, interactive product demos can be a powerful tool for generating leads by engaging potential customers and demonstrating the value of your SaaS product.

Integrating Interactive Product Demos into Your Go To Market Strategy

When integrating interactive product demos into your go to market strategy, it’s important to consider how it fits in with the rest of your product and pricing. 

Interactive product demos can be used to introduce the product, educate potential customers, and generate leads. 

Additionally, interactive product demos can be used to drive product adoption and increase customer engagement.

Leveraging Interactive Product Demos to Support Product Led Growth

Instead of having to drop users into a free trial without any context, you can now leverage personalized product demos that cover the aha moment of your product without introducing any friction at all. 

Once the user has seen the value, its easy to prompt them towards a free trial or sign up!

Consider leveraging an interactive demo platform that allows personalization so you can cater to the specific use cases depending on your customer personas.

Final Thoughts on Interactive Product Demos

Interactive product demos are a great tool for driving product led growth. 

They allow users to experience the product firsthand, enabling them to make an informed decision about whether it is worth buying.

In the end, users want to actually try before they sign-up or book a demo – so why not give them exactly what they want, and trigger that “aha” moment directly on your website?

Paul McAvinchey

About the author

For over 20 years, Paul has been building and collaborating on digital products with fast-growing startups and global brands, including AOL and WMS Gaming. Currently, he's a co-founder of Product Collective, a worldwide community of product people. Members collaborate on in the exclusive Member Hub, meet at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, listen to Rocketship.fm, learn at Product Interviews and get a weekly newsletters that includes best practices in product management. In recent years he led business development at DXY, a leading product design firm in the Midwest, and product innovation at MedCity Media, a publishing startup acquired by Breaking Media in 2015.


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