January 30

Stuff Ted Lasso says

Well, it’s official – Season 3 of Ted Lasso is officially coming to AppleTV later this Spring! We’re big fans of Ted Lasso here at Product Collective, so even without a firm release date, this news certainly made us feel all warm inside. If you’re never seen Ted Lasso – well, you have some binging to do this weekend.

In the spirit of Ted Lasso, though – I’ve found a few quotes of his that I think are perfectly applicable to product people. So grab your cup of coffee (not tea – that’s just hot brown water)…

“Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong”.

Product work isn’t often “comfortable”. And that’s okay. Sometimes, the best products are made when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Otherwise… well… we’re probably doing it wrong.

“If you care about someone, and you got a little love in your heart, there ain’t nothing you can’t get through together.”

Replace the word “someone” with “customers” and re-read the quote. Imagine if we thought about our customers… with a little love in our hearts? Maybe it could show through in our products.


I believe… in “believe.” If we don’t have belief in the products we’re building… then is it even worth building them?

Do you have a favorite Ted Lasso quote of your own? Can you think of others that relate to our work as product people? Email me and let me know!

Mike Belsito

About the author

Mike Belsito is a startup product and business developer who loves creating something from nothing. Mike is the Co-Founder of Product Collective which organizes INDUSTRY, one of the largest product management summits anywhere in the world. For his leadership at Product Collective, Mike was named one of the Top 40 influencers in the field of Product Management. Mike also serves as a Faculty member of Case Western Reserve University in the department of Design and Innovation, and is Co-Host of one of the top startup podcasts online, Rocketship.FM. Prior to Product Collective, Mike spent the past 12 years in startup companies as an early employee, Co-Founder, and Executive. Mike's businesses and products have been featured in national media outlets such as the New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, NPR, and elsewhere. Mike is also the Author of Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of us, one of the top startup books on Amazon.


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