January 28

Common Traits of Product VPs & Nobody Wants to Use Your Product

What Product VPs At High-Growth Startups Have In Common. “I think that the number one hiring criterion for a vice president of product management should be someone who’s done it before—who has executive-level product leadership experience”Do most hiring managers of high-growth startup technology companies feel that way?

Nobody Wants To Use Your Product. People are not really into using products. Any time spent by a user operating an interface, twisting knobs, pulling levers or tapping buttons is time wasted. Rather, people are more interested in the end result and in obtaining that result in the quickest, least intrusive and most efficient manner possible.

How to Collect Customer Feedback Using Surveys. You can gather great customer feedback from a survey and leverage that information to improve your product by using a few simple tricks of the trade.

Paul McAvinchey

About the author

For over 20 years, Paul has been building and collaborating on digital products with fast-growing startups and global brands, including AOL and WMS Gaming. Currently, he's a co-founder of Product Collective, a worldwide community of product people. Members collaborate on in the exclusive Member Hub, meet at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, listen to Rocketship.fm, learn at Product Interviews and get a weekly newsletters that includes best practices in product management. In recent years he led business development at DXY, a leading product design firm in the Midwest, and product innovation at MedCity Media, a publishing startup acquired by Breaking Media in 2015.


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