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Product Growth Case Studies

Ok, so you’re convinced that you want to grow your product and you’ve seen some suggestions on how to do it. But will all those suggestions actually work? Here are 26 different case studies from a variety of organizations that explain what they tried and what they learned when it came to growth. You can learn vicariously through others and get some ideas of what might work in your situation.

5 Growth strategy case studies and key takeaways. It’s always challenging to grow a company from scratch or to the next level. Most startups take a growth approach where they try to acquire, engage and retain users at relatively lower costs than traditional marketing techniques. The main question that you should ask when seeking growth – “what does our customer want?” It is the same for every organization. The specific techniques to make that happen can vary. The folks at Yought go through 5 case studies of startups that managed to deliver growth in a successful way and their key takeaways.

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19 eCommerce case studies you need to steal from. You know you should always keep an eye on your analytics to identify leaks in your funnel. Yet like all other things that are good for you, it always seems to drop to the bottom of your list. To help reduce your resistance to actions that increase your growth, Paul Savage pulled together 19 real-world eCommerce lessons that demonstrate some simple actions that other organizations took to experience growth. Some of these may help you as well.

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Was Hubspot right to go freemium? 60k Customers say yes. “Do you currently hide your precious product away because people must pay before they can unlock the value? Maybe try breaking out a core part of your product and going free, before your competitors do…” Tom Hunt explains how Hubspot used a product-led growth strategy to grow to 60,000 customers and a $6.6 billion market cap.

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How Canva acquired 15,000,000 users.  In less than 7 years Canva has “acquired over 15 million users, 300,000 paying customers, and have been valued at 3.2 billion dollars (USD) after recently closing a $125m (USD) funding round. In the first 2 years alone, they reached 2 million users — averaging 3,600 signups a day, or 111,111 signups per month.” Tam Al-Saad explores how Canva acquires users by analyzing what they do to acquire traffic and how they turn that traffic into users.

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Product led growth 2019: Challenges and opportunities For SaaS companies. Looking at specific case studies can be helpful to identify ideas for promoting growth. It’s also helpful to view trends at a macro level. Natasha Wahid describes Full Story’s recent survey of product teams at over 100 SaaS companies to understand the challenges they’re facing and the opportunities they’re focused on. The results provide insight into how your company can adopt a product-led strategy to drive sustainable growth.

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