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Product Launch Plans

“Stumble out of the gate” is a phrase you don’t want to hear, whether it applies to a horse you bet on or the launch of your new product. Avoid this experience and have a successful start by putting the proper forethought together.

The product launch marketing plan that generated $1 million in 60 days. Sometimes you have to wait months to see if your product launch marketing strategy was successful. On rare occasions, you get a confirmation in 1 hour or less. Chris Jordan experienced the “instant” gratification of selling $1 million of a retail photography product in 60 days as a result of months of planning. Chris describes how he accomplished those results and how you can repeat his success.

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The ultimate product launch plan for new product marketers. When Jake Brereton was starting his first product launch, he looked around for helpful references. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to create his own, tweaking it after every product launch. Now Jake is sharing his product launch playbook, along with some useful tips he would have known when he started his first few launches.

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How To Create a Product Launch Marketing Plan in 8 Key Steps. In this fast-paced competitive world, launching a product takes significant planning. Without a proper product launch marketing plan, your product might fail to deliver on the expectations of your target buyers. Alon Ghelber explains why it’s essential to create a product launch marketing plan, discusses the eight key steps to create a product launch plan, and sees some examples of successful product launches that you can replicate.

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4 Steps to perfect product launch plans in 2021. We’ve all seen successful new product launches—and product launches that don’t quite hit the mark. What’s the difference between a successful product launch and a launch plan that fizzles? I’ve considered this question time and time again throughout my career. Diane Karaplis shares what she’s learned to help you develop your own launch plan into a surefire success.

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How to Build Product Launch Strategy For An eCommerce Store. Creating a product launch roadmap makes it easier to identify your goals, set out your strategy, and designate tasks for different teams and members. It sounds like this one document has a lot to cover, but with a designer or just a good roadmap maker, you can design a product roadmap that will help you implement your launch strategy and get members aligned around a single source of truth. Benjamin Brandall explains how to create a product launch roadmap that details the tasks and timelines behind getting users to interact with your new feature or product.

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