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Product Validation

It’s one thing to say that you should measure the results your product generates. It’s another thing to actually perform product validation and make use of the information you gain from that activity. Here are some resources on how to validate your product and make decisions based on what you find out.

How to validate your product ideas cheap and fast. Validating a product idea is one of the first real headaches any serious startup faces. Failure to validate product ideas leads to more than 50 percent of new small businesses tanking within their first year. Martin Luenendonk explains how to do product validation without giving up too many resources, especially in terms of capital.

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Product Validation: when and why to do it. Product Validation helps you ensure you’re offering the right solution, to solve the right problem for the right audience. The folks at bixlabs explain when to apply validation instances in your product development process.

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How Muppets and rockets help us understand validated learning. At the heart of managing innovation activity lies a key concept – Validated Learning. It is central to the goal of reducing uncertainty in any individual product being considered. More broadly, it is central to the goal of building a sustainable pipeline of new innovations in a business portfolio. Jonathan Bertfield unpacks the meaning of validated learning through a couple of (hopefully) familiar examples.

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Optimization, validated learning, and ‘The Lean Startup’.  When building a new product, the long-term value of exploration outweighs the short-term benefits of optimization. In the startup space, this can be especially tricky. You often need to subvert the impulse to demonstrate short-term success results to discover high-leverage solutions that ensure long-term growth. But as you spend less time optimizing and more time exploring, you’ll find that validated learning speed is relative to time and investment. David Prentice explains how validated learning allows you to build better products, faster.

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What is the product validation funnel? Product validation is inherent to how Josh Barker and Erin Srebinski build software, it guides them to help clients make the best decisions not only about their product but about their business. Software should be a perfect solution to the product you’re solving, and YOUR customer should be delighted when they use it. Josh and Erin discuss the product validation funnel, a method of building software, a way to discover where clients are in their process and help them to the next part of the funnel.

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