January 7

Product Management Predictions for 2022

Last week we looked back at some 2021 predictions to see how well people did predicting the future. This week, here’s a look at what people are predicting for the product management world in 2022.

Product management in 2022. Most product teams are making strides towards being user-centric rather than just churning out features based on static release plans disguised as roadmaps. Leaders realize they should add value to the user, rather than just hit releases. 2022 is going to be no different, but the pressure is now on for businesses who haven’t adopted this user-centric approach to do so using data driven insights and analytics, and UX research and design. Oh, and don’t forget about the product talent shortage. With all that in mind, Riana Butler projects what 2022 will look like for product managers and how they can prepare.

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6 Product management trends to track in 2022. As 2021 draws to a close, the folks at 280 Group are looking ahead at the coming year, and spotting key trends they feel will have the biggest impact on Product professionals across industries. Here’s a look at the six product management trends they’ve identified as gaining momentum heading into 2022.

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Product management leaders should make 2022 the year of customer value. The end of the year is the time to set goals for the coming year and to reflect on what you would like to have accomplished when you think back to those goals. There are KPIs to achieve and roadmap goals, but there are also behaviors that product management leaders must guide to ensure growth in the years to come. Lisa Singer shares three recommendations to consider as you develop your annual plan.

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Product management trends and challenges in 2022. Recent airfocus research with product managers in the US and UK found that adopting product-led growth models was the main industry challenge for 40% of respondents. It’s something that they’ve been hearing more and more over the past 18 months and it’s a topic they asked Lisa Mo Wagner, product coach at codecentric AG, to weigh in on. Here is Lisa’s take on product management trends for 2022.

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What does 2022 hold for product management?. Who’s excited to finish 2021? It’s had ups and downs, but overall has been a frustrating year for the world. Fortunately, a new year and a new start are around the corner. Here’s Penelope’s predictions for what is coming for us in product in 2022.

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