December 21

Taking a look back at 2021 Predictions

The end of the year is traditionally a time where people will reflect back on the year that was and look forward to the year that will be. This week we’re doing the same thing but with a twist. We thought it’d be interesting to take a look back at what people predicted for product managers for 2021. We’ll leave it up to you to decide how good these folks were at predicting the future.

Product Management Predictions for 2021. Dave Wilner, Auth0 CRO, talked with five product management leaders from various sectors to get their predictions for 2021. Their answers provide an inside look into the trends they thought that impact product management in the coming year. Read on to see how good they were at identifying 2021 trends.

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Future of Product Management: 2021 Forecast. There is more interest and awareness in product management than ever before. But the product world has also become an increasingly chaotic domain. There are many human and commercial motivations at play, influencing the state of the product management domain. Gabriel Steinhardt outlined some of the market dynamics in product management which he expected to emerge in 2021. Did they?

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What are Product Management Trends for 2021? Hygger Predictions. To be competitive in their market product managers have to follow trends and permanently look for new ways to create value for their customers. In fact, trends can be hard to identify given the variation in product management purposes and objectives between companies and industries. Pavel Kukhnavets took a look at the situation at the beginning of 2021 and formulated these conclusions and predictions about where product management is headed. How did he do?

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Product Management Trends & Predictions 2021. ProductCamp Online pulled together a panel including long-time product management experts Steve Johnson and Rich Mironov, JJ Rorie, Vice President at Sequent Learning Networks, David Nash, Vice President at 280 Group, with moderator Hector Del Castillo of Bold PM. The group discussed product management trends and perspectives and looked at predictions for the year ahead. In the face of unprecedented market shifts, exponentially changing buyer behavior, reduced team capacity, and new requirements for remote working, they discussed how product managers require an ever-increasing velocity and scale of analysis in terms of processing and access to accelerate innovation and forge new paths for their organizations to remain relevant.

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AI / Product Management / UX Design Predictions for 2021. Brian T. O’Neill did not put out a long list of 2021 predictions, but he did have a couple on his radar. First, AI/data product management seems to be picking up. Second, model interaction and exploration come to the forefront.

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