Working With Designers TIPS


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[VIDEO] Working with Designers and Developers

Last year, Product Collective’s very own Mike Belsito held a live video chat with Michael Sacca, his co-host for the top-rated product podcast, Rocketship.FM.  In that chat, the two Michaels spent time talking about how product people can work best with developers, designers, and other critical members of the product team.  You can watch the full chat here.

If You Love Design, It’s Time to Stop Liking It

If you’re going to give feedback to the designers you work with (or anyone really), make sure it is specific, actionable feedback.  Bill Skeet gives you some advice on how to give proper feedback on a design.  Hint: “I like your design” is not it.

4 Design Skills Every Product Manager Should Have

To work effectively with designers you need to balance that fine line between being able to carry on a meaningful conversation and not stepping on anyone’s toes.  Harish Venkatesan identifies the 4 design skills that every product manager should have that will let them maintain that balance.

A Designer’s Guide to Working with Product Managers

When trying to figure out how to work with someone, it’s always good to see things from their perspective.  Adhithya Kumar describes the methodology he uses to design with more intent that’s based on his experience working with several product managers.  Along the way, he sheds some light on the designer – product manager relationship.

A Product Manager’s Guide to Working with Designers

Romy Misra spoke with Erik D. Kennedy a self-taught designer and former product manager at Microsoft about how product managers can work effectively with designers. One key point: “the best feedback is about problems, not solutions.

How to Work with Designers

To work with designers, you must understand their motivations, beliefs, and ways of working. Of course, these will change depending on the individual, but there are some common things that Product Managers can be aware of. Examples of these, as explained by Julie Zhuo, are keeping a focus on user’s qualitative needs instead of purely looking at metrics, understanding that there are different types of designers who are suitable for different types of jobs and that designers really appreciate attention to detail and will savor working with PMs that think in the same way.

How to Align UX with Product Management

There can be a natural conflict between the work of the Product Manager and UX designer. In fact, much of the work done in UX can and should often be done by the PM. However, many teams have both roles and it’s important that they work efficiently together. To do so, the PM must avoid abusing their authority, making the designer their bitch (their words) and designing the product around their needs, not the user.

An Open Letter to Product Managers: From A UX Designer

Raymond Galang had a disappointing experience once when he was thrown under the bus by his product manager. After the CEO questioned the work, instead of standing by the UX work Raymond had completed the PM quickly blamed the problem on a poor design decision. To avoid this happening to others, Raymond pleads to PMs to follow these rules — own the strategy, give clear feedback and stay strong in the face of criticism.