September 24

How to Use Data in Your Software Product

Data is an essential component of just about every software product. Some product teams use data to make product decisions (and yes, some ignore the data altogether). Other product teams look to data as a key means by which their product provides value. Whichever situation you’re in, it’s helpful to the unique aspects of working with data in your product management efforts.

Leveraging data for more impactful, relevant feature development. Forward-thinking companies work within the reality in which we live while boosting their understanding of customer engagement. They analyze data on how users use the product (and how they don’t) to take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what customers want and need. Keith Fenech looks at how three different companies use anonymous product usage data to drive meaningful, relevant product development.

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Six simple (but powerful) rules for data product management. Data product management teams analyze and implement data product opportunities within an organization. Many of the same basic principles apply to data product management as with any other technical product management initiative. The folks at Trissential explain that there are some unique differences for data product management that you need to understand.

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Data product management: The missing link to create value from AI. Many artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives forget to consider what value an initiative creates for their users. In order to address that issue, Nadiem von Heydebrand and Philipp Hartmann argue that there is a need for a dedicated discipline and role to make data-driven products successful. They call this role the data product manager.

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Data product management. Boris Jabes shared the panel discussion from Operational Analytics Conference 2021. The discussion featured an expert panel of PMs, ex-PMs and product people who shared their perspectives on building data and machine learning products, up-leveling their companies and organizations to be more data-centric, and when not to use data in making product decisions.

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What, exactly, does a data product manager do?  Data product management is in much the same place that data science was in 2014. People generally know it is important, but there is no consistent description of what the role is. Eric Weber focuses on 5 themes of a data product manager’s work to explain his view of what data product managers do.

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