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In the past 4 years, Product Collective has grown into a thriving 15,000-strong community of product people. Members come from all over the world and many have connected online in our exclusive Slack channel and in person at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference.

ProductCollective.com has also become a valuable resource for members, with tips, tactics, keynotes, and articles posted regularly. And now it’s a platform. A place for members with important things to share to submit their own content for everyone to enjoy.


We’re looking for contributors to write engaging, high-quality articles relating to the field of modern software Product Management. To get an idea of the scope, head over to our Tips section to see how we have categorized things, e.g., Customer Development, Design, Leadership, and Collaboration.

To find ideas, look at the work you are doing today. Do you have a take on a well-known framework or have you learned something recently that you know others will value hearing? Perhaps you have become an expert at a certain practice and you feel the need to share your knowledge with a broader audience. Or your team has experienced something significant that would serve as an excellent case study for others.


We prefer publishing ‘evergreen’ articles or those that will have lasting value. This means that we are less inclined to publish an article that relates to a recent event (although we may make exceptions).

Instead, we publish well-researched, longer form articles, somewhere between 500-1,500 words. Ultimately, your article should answer the question, “what is in it for me, the Product Manager?”.

Our editorial team will work with you to fine-tune the content and add images and other media where appropriate.

By submitting your article to us, you are giving us permission to publish it on ProductCollective.com and other social outlets. But you’ll also get to retain ownership of your content and are free to publish it elsewhere after it has appeared for 1 month on ProductCollective.com.


  • If you have an idea for an article, go to this form and submit your contact details and synopses of up to 3 article ideas.
  • The Product Collective editorial team will review each submission and assess its relevancy and potential.
  • Successful applicants will be asked to create the full article and then submit it to the editorial team for publishing.
  • Regretfully not all applicants can be accommodated. Applicants will hear the status of their submissions as soon as possible.
  • All articles will include a byline with the author’s name, bio, and a link to learn more about the person or their organization.

Thanks for being a part of this!

The Product Collective Team

Paul McAvinchey
Paul McAvinchey

For over 15 years, Paul has been building and collaborating on digital products with fast-growing startups and global brands, including AOL and WMS Gaming. Currently, he's a co-founder of Product Collective, a 15,000+ strong worldwide community of product people. Members collaborate on Slack, meet at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, listen to Rocketship.fm, learn at Product Lunch and get a weekly brief that includes best practices in product management. In recent years he led business development at DXY, a leading product design firm in the Midwest, and product innovation at MedCity Media, a publishing startup acquired by Breaking Media in 2015.