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In late 2014, my partner Paul and I realized something.  We both considered ourselves to be “product people” — both of us working in product roles at two different companies in Northeast Ohio.  But we both felt… a bit lost.  I’d love to tell you that from the minute we had “Product” in our titles, we were the most confident, knowledgable, insightful product managers that ever graced Slack channels.  But, reality was far from that.

We both confided in each other that we felt like we were “faking” it.  Sure, our employers were happy with our work.  And we were producing great products that our respected customers appreciated (and even better, paying for!).  But we both felt like there was so much to learn as product people, and neither of us were sure where to start.  We both traded some helpful resources we’d find online every now and then.  But what really helped us both were our conversations about becoming better product people.  Running ideas by each other.  Offering feedback to each other as peers.  Finding and sharing talks of product leaders we respected.

Then it clicked for Paul and me:  What if we could create this type of collaboration among product people?  What if we could create a place where this happened at scale?

Fast forward a bit… and we created that very place with INDUSTRY: The Product Conference in the Fall of 2015.  200+ product people came from 20+ states (and even a handful of countries!) to be among their peers, learn from the likes of Nir Eyal and others, and find some inspiration to be a better product person.  Just a few weeks ago, we followed-up our inaugural INDUSTRY with our 2016 summit.  This time, drawing 350 product people to meet up, learn from Ken Norton and others, and reunite.

After INDUSTRY 2016, two things were clear:  First, we knew that we’d start planning an even bigger and better INDUSTRY 2017 right away.  But second — and most importantly — we wanted to find a way to keep up the kind of collaboration we saw at INDUSTRY all year long.  Not just two days out of the year.

So with that, we’re really proud to introduce a brand new way for product people to do learn, connect, and find inspiration from other product people all year round:

Join the Product Collective as an inaugural member

The premise is simple:  By becoming a member of Product Collective, you can access information and a network that can help you become a better product person.

  • Take in fresh, informative product-specific content through our weekly Product Brief newsletter.
  • Learn from product practitioners during our monthly Product Brief webinars.
  • Connect with other product people in our invite-only Slack community.
  • Receive member-only opportunities related to INDUSTRY, where we meet each year.

We thought about what type of value a membership like this would have for a product person.  After all, if somebody learned just one thing they could implement in a given year during one of our webinars or posts, and it made an appreciable impact — a $500/year membership could be considered a value.  We really believe that.

Even still, we decided on a price tag that we both felt strongly about:  $0

We decided this not because of the value we’re delivering or even affordability.  But really, we have one goal:  To build the strongest community of product people in the world.  If we can build up this community, we really believe that we, as a collective group, can shape the way that modern product management is practiced.  And for that reason, we want to make it as easy as possible for other product people to join us in helping achieve that.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of?  Join the Product Collective and join us today!


Mike Belsito
Mike Belsito

Mike Belsito is a startup product and business developer who loves creating something from nothing. Mike is President at Movable, a B2B fitness activity-tracking platform and is the Co-Organizer of Industry, a conference in the midwest for people that build, launch, and scale world class products. Mike also wrote the book Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us, which debuted on the top of Product Hunt. Mike's products and businesses created by Mike have been featured in national media outlets like The Atlantic, Inc Magazine, CNN, PBS and the New York Times.